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Navy Club of the U.S.A. Ship #6 of North Carolina


My Favorite

Welcome to the Navy Club of the U. S. A . Ship #6 of North Carolina Website

Congratulations Niki Reling for becoming our First
Navy Club of the U.S.A. Ship #6 Associate Member at the
North Carolina Quarter Midget Association (NCQMA) Track.

Congratulations to Toshio Mills, the newly elected
National Commandant for the Navy Club USA!

THIS WEBSITE HAD kostenlose Counter von VISITS  SINCE  March 31, 2016

USS Brook DEG-1, USS Ramsey DEG-2, USS Skofield DEG-3, USS Talbert DEG-4, USS Richard L. Page DEG-5, USS Julius A. Furer DEG-6...
"Come back often and Check on Our Progress.."